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What those crazy K9s have been up to lately
Just about every other weekend, the girls are out competing in some form of venue. Disc Dog season runs from May to September, and Agility goes pretty much year round. Read below to see what awards and titles we've achieved this month!


July 2016: At her first dock diving event, Quincy WINS her division with a new personal best jump of 20 FEET to the base of tail, WOW! Jump Baby Jump. Off to Harborfest for 3 days of incredible shows!

April 2016: A Start to a new busy season of AKC Agility and UAD Dock Diving! Shows this year in MD, NJ, NY, CT, and MA!

September 2015: Quincy is invited to the 2015 PIDC Finals in Grey Summit, MO!


May 2015: Quincy WINS the Northeast Regional and Qualifies for Skyhoundz Worlds, held in Chattanooga, TN in September!

March 2015: Our Spring Training trip to GA was an overwhelming success! Both dogs played well, and Quincy earns her first worlds invite of the year in Time Trial by posting the FASTEST time of the day!

February 2015: Quincy earns her first EXC Q in agility wih a Blue Ribbon!

November 2014: Quincy is now Holther's Plead the Fifth OA, OAJ, NF, finishing her titles with Blue Ribbons!

August 2014: Quincy gets a leg towards her OA and OAJ, Brandy picks up 2 QQS towards MACH2!

July 2014: In between several shows for day camps, Quincy picks up an invite to the 2014 USDDN World Finals by taking the top qualifer spot in New Hampshire.

June: 2014: The Jersey Disc Devils have been busy this season with Shows and Competitions in MD, PA, NJ, NY, and CT! Hopefully we'll be coming to a town near you soon.

March 2014: Quincy gets her NAJ and NF title with an 80 point run! Also picks up her second NOV JWW leg!

January 2014: Quincy gets her NA title in agility with all first placements! She also picked up a first place JWW Q!

October 2013: Brandy Qualifies for the 2014 Skyhoundz Disc Dog A Thon Worlds by winning Freestyle and Bullseye in the very first qualifier of the new season! WTG Brandy!

September 2013: Wow! What a month! Quincy makes her AKC agility debut and Qs NOV B STD 20" with a first and also Qs T2B! Amazing first show for the Baby Dog! Dr. Oz Show airs on September 27th. Brandy and Quincy compete at the Skyhoundz 2013 World Finals and do very well!

August 2013: The Jersey Disc Devils tape the Dr. Oz show!

June 2013: Brandy Qualifies for Skyhoundz Classic Disc Dog World Finals for the second year in a Row! Only the Top 3 dogs from Maine to VA get to go, so its a complete honor to get to go again! AND Quincy finishes 6th place overall, nearly Qing as well! She's a STAR at 14 mos old!

March 2013: Brandy earns her MACH title!! QQ #20, which was her 6th in a row, came March 23rd. This is my first, and hopefully not my last, MACH title. Brandy gets QQs 15 (in Feb) 16, 17, 18, and 19 (in March) all right in row!

November 2012: Brandy does it again! 4 for 4 in a weekend of agility for QQ's #13 and 14 and completes her MXB and MJB titles.

October 2012: Quincy competes in her first Disc Dog event and wins the novice class at 6 mos. of age! Here high score of the day was 14 pts in Toss and Fetch, go Q-ball!

September 2012: Brandy and I competed in the most difficult Disc Dog World Finals to qualify for, Skyhoundz World Final. Against the toughest competition you will find anywhere, we placed a respectable 16th in the world. It was a great experience, and one I will hold in my heart forever, a weekend I won't forget with my special girl. To finish up the month, we QQ'd again for #12!

August 2012: Where to start since the last update? In July Brandy Qualified for her second WF of the year in Disc, at the AWI NY Qualifer! Go Brandy! To follow that up, in 6 days of Agility Trials, we QQ's 4 TIMES!, #8, 9, 10, and 11! Quincy is rocking in her baby training, her page is coming soooooon!

June 2012: WHAT AN INCREDIBLE MONTH! First off, we added our second team member, a baby border collie named Holther's Plead the Fifth, aka, Quincy. She is a fantasic puppy, and we look forward to sharing our life with her. Brandy has had a great month, picking up QQ # 6 and 7. To top it all off, we went to Skyhoundz NE Regional, and came home CHAMPIONS! Brandy and I took first place by around 6 points, and had the best day ever! Thank you to the judges and volunteers that helped put on the event! See you in TN!

April 2012: Brandy and I are invited to the 2012 Skyhoundz Discdogathon Worlds in Freesytle, Spot Landing, Pairs D&A and Bullseye! We also won D&A for the first time ever!

March 2012: Earned our MXJ title the weekend of the 3rd! plus 2 placements in Standard, and 1 QQ!

February 2012: The off-season has come to close and we have Q'd 4 out of 6 runs so far this year, including our 3rd QQ. Looking forward to more agility coming up next month!

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